1. #Repost from @koreywitak —- #RUNCAU
    THE VERY FIRST TICKETS GO ON SALE AT NOON!!! ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ «<Morning Family, Real Quick Listen up! We upgraded this year. Plain and Simple. We went fly instead of the normal club with 40 sections. The whole landscape of Homecoming has gone to a different level. So for that premium… Tickets will sell faster. Prices will be forced to go up. But the Showmanship you get yearly will ONLY GET BETTER. Expect something Super Dope. Please Family, Please don’t wait. If we are friends. If we spoke in front of Mcpheeters. If we shared a class. If you ever been to a Hittsquad Party… Just trust me on this one and call ya peoples and let them know. It’s worth being early this time. Understand my next statement clearly. Come the night of… WE WILL MOST DEFINITELY BE SOLD OUT… SO DONT WAIT!!!!!»> #HALLOWEENHOMECOMING

  2. ONE Music FEST is def necessary in ATL! This is my 3rd one out of 5 and I can say this one is special! Great job and continued success to big bro @jcarterology and @moetownlee oh and that boy Kendrick killing! #sightsandsoundsofatlnights #dreamchasingdreamcatching

  3. The Board Walk Empire x Strivers Row event was def dope! The details in the Strivers Row store is beyond impressive! When you have a vision and idea that’s the way you execute it! #sightsandsoundsofatlnights #dreamchasingdreamcatching

  4. #TBT I remember I was at a point in my life when I needed a change, fresh out of G-State and feeling like I was paralleled to my dreams but couldn’t touch them. So I just up and moved to NY. Some of the best 4 years of my life. I learned a lot (no lights for a month, eating every other day, going to court multiples on the verge of eviction b/c I couldn’t pay rent, thinking I hit the lottery with the stimulus check, becoming “me”) By the time my next wave brought me back to ATL I was a completely different person. I had an idea and vision of what I felt was needed in ATL. I just remember running up on @aldinjackson and telling him what we had to do and from that moment we set out to do what everyone said was impossible. If I could really explain how important this logo was to me (I’m talking about fight someone to protect it) this is where I went from just talking to doing what my heart moved me to do. Some of the best times was in the beginning when @mapmakers @demoine @saraduckie would be at Slice on Huff plotting to take over the world. I would still do anything in my power to advance this logo and for the man behind it. We were too far ahead of the curve and brands and ATL wasn’t ready but things have a way of coming around and I believe this logo and company will be right at the head of the class. S/O to my family at RAYDAR for allowing me to continue to grow and rep and protect a new logo and vision for ATL. But this logo is where my entrepreneurial spirit was born. #dreamchasingdreamcatching

  5. KOD provided by @reebokclassics #ThisIsClassicATL cc: @partywithgmack

  6. Some of my cool friends doing some cool things! #Repost from @d_ratch with @repostapp —- @renaldonehemiah x @naviereyewear x @mrpulliam [🎥] some good things in the works.

  7. #Repost from @moetownlee with @repostapp —- Please copy and post!! We 7 days away “Don’t forget!! All of the ONE Musicfest supporters are sending out this image at 1p.m. TODAY! Send this out for your chance to win a pair of pit tickets or if you already have tickets, we will upgrade you to VIP! Make sure you tag @onemusicfest so they can find you!! Good luck. #omf2014 #atlanta #festival #music #win www.onemusicfest.com

  8. Brings my heart joy when I see friends that are family find their path and chase their dreams and purpose! Pls check out the site and become an early adopter of a brand that will be here for a long time. #Repost from @saraduckie with @repostapp —- Now it’s much easier to shop for our 1st generation merch! This is our first run of stuff straight from our basement lol! Items will be updated weekly as our one-of-a-kind tiedye and hand dyed items become available! This run is for a limited time as we will be launching the premium organic collection in November! Thanks for the support!! 😊😘😎
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  9. We would like to invite the City of Atlanta for a special edition of @livingroomatl and join us as we will be showing the premiere of @vh1 Rock Docs “ATL: UNTOLD” airing at 10pm. We have all been apart of #ATLRise whether as a fan or having a hand in continuing to grow the culture through Music, TV/Film, Fashion, Community Service and more. The @livingroomatl happy hour begins at 6pm. Powered by @pksince83 @wildafrikan @deanbrandmktg

  10. S/O to my Team Wild Life fam, young crew doing it! Meet me here tomorrow #sightsandsoundsofatlnights from @muddywatergroup with @repostapp —- [Monday - 8/25] Cyhi the Prince live at Smith’s Olde Bar. Brought to you by @teamwildlife_ and us of course.