1. S/O to my Team Wild Life fam, young crew doing it! Meet me here tomorrow #sightsandsoundsofatlnights from @muddywatergroup with @repostapp —- [Monday - 8/25] Cyhi the Prince live at Smith’s Olde Bar. Brought to you by @teamwildlife_ and us of course.

  2. Tonight! Let’s go! S/O to the fam @muddywatergroup #sightsandsoundsofATLnights

  3. MOTIVATIONAL MONDAYS: #Repost from @frankcooker with @repostapp —- Day 1: We have to get out of our comfort zone, in order to embark on bigger blessings. A big thanks to everyone in advance for showing support for #cookedup in it’s early stages..It is going to feel really good to look back at this picture in 52 weeks.. NOW LET THAT BOY COOK! #cookedup #unyforme #atl #nyc #agendashow #vegas

  4. If it’s your real passion you have to do everything you can to live it and be in it all day every day! Always learning #dreamchasingdreamcatching

  5. #Repost from @koreywitak with @repostapp —- FAMILY, Meet @Suite44Music and Get Comfortable with Them. The Heat these Kids have is Crazy… Wish I could share More!! @Raydaniels_ u got one!!!

  6. Normally I wouldn’t even take the time to look at these type of flyers or talk to a person pushing “whatever” this is. But buddy ran up on me while I was sitting down waiting on some food. I try not to be too preachy on social media but sometimes I’m moved to let people in on some secrets. I don’t knock anyone’s hustle but sometimes their hustle can be misleading and there are people out there looking for a little help and get taken every time by these “set-up” to fail systems. So let’s start with the first reason, there is no such thing as low start up cost, b/c the cost you’re paying isn’t money it’s time. Time is the most valuable resource that no matter what you do you can’t get back. So myth number 1 is wrong. Being your own Boss is a misconception, a real entrepreneur wants to be a leader and visionary not a boss and who wants to be a 1 man team? Myth 2 busted. If your an entrepreneur there is no such thing as part time/full time it’s only life time (if you truly want to be good at it and have a vision) myth 3 busted. I wish I could set my own schedule, it’s always based on the needs of the vision, people following me and life. And where I’m going to spend my “precious expensive” time. Myth 4 busted. Next there is always inventory no matter what you’re doing. The top things are time, energy, ideas, health. When these things aren’t monitored then nothing is moving. Myth 5 busted. If you want to be a real entrepreneur then you must get out in the world so you have to commute. Myth 5 busted. Now the last only holds true if it’s just about the money and that’s only if you know what you’re doing. But if you want to be the next Steve Jobs then you know there are limits. I’m sure he would’ve loved to be around for what Apple is looking like today and what it will look like 10 years from now. And last but not least please understand there is a difference between “self employed vs entrepreneur” I hope that helps some one out and please people read more, it does wonders.

  7. It is what it is. After I chopped it up with one of my homies they sent me this. Told me to keep pushing and stay focus!

  8. Life’s good! #dreamchasingdreamcatching

  9. This is gonna be crazy! Wild Bill’s x August 15th x @djholiday x @migosatl x @raesremmurd x Surprise Guests!!! = #Holipalooza Be there!!! #Commission #WeWorking

  10. MOTIVATIONAL MONDAYS! #Repost from @sperryparkceo with @repostapp —- This just in: @betnetworks has just informed me that @d2kworld video for “everything go” will debut on @106andpark this Thursday! #d2kworld #everythinggo #sperryparkproductions #thenewwave #watchmymoves